Friday, October 29, 2010

I Am I Said

I am not a Yankees fan. I don’t walk around with that arrogant notion that I expect my team in the post-season every year and that on field celebrations are blasé.

I am not a Mets fan, although I can sympathize with the fact that they live in the shadow of a more storied franchise that will always steal the Mets thunder no matter what.

I am not a Mariners, Royals, Pirates, Diamondbacks, Orioles or Nationals fan whose seasons were over before the end of June (although I’ve been there before).

I am not a whiny Cubs or Red Sox fan.

I am not a Phillies, Reds, Braves, Twins, or Rays fans still aching from the season that ended just a few days ago.

I am a Texas Rangers fan.

I’ve been through the dark days of Doug Rader and Lee Mazzilli and all of the 1980’s Texas teams. I’ve ridden the roller coaster of the 1990’s teams with the new stadium and the first taste of post-season. I’ve slogged through the dregs of the 2000’s team of Chan Ho, Tom Hicks, and those 3rd and 4th places finishes from 2000-2007.

I am a Texas Rangers fan, and I am not giving up now.

I never thought the Rangers would make the World Series during my lifetime.
I still can’t believe it every time I see Nelson, Michael, CJ, Josh and everyone else on the Fox broadcast – I keep wondering if I’m just watching another game of the week, until I look at the date on the calendar and realize that it’s late October.

I am not going to moan and groan about the first two WS games. I am disappointed, but then I realize there are 13 other AL teams who would gladly change places with 0-2 Rangers today.

There are two more World Series games to be played in Arlington, Texas this weekend and I plan on enjoying every minute of them.

The late Arthur Ashe said: “Success is a journey, not at destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome.”

As I wrote last night – there is nothing that can ruin this amazing season for me.

I am a Texas Rangers fan -- Marla Hooch

(P.S. However, it would be nice if they could win at least one game in this World Series)

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