Sunday, April 12, 2009


uważaj pierwsze owoce zawsze bugów
(loosely translated: ‘be careful first fruit always has bugs”)
-- Sophia Urzykowski

I don’t know if my great-grandmother was a baseball fan, but the quote above was one of her favorite proverbs still used by her granddaughter, (my Baseball Mom), that applies to the first week of this Rangers baseball season.

For those who were planning on buying playoff tickets after the first three games, hold on to your wallets – and for those who are already writing this team off as “new season – same old Rangers” after the Detroit series – I advise that you put your pessimism back in the drawer too. We all know baseball is a game of stats, so let me point this out to both sides of the argument: six games is about 3.75% of the entire season. Let’s wait and see what happens. Although I’ll admit I’m concerned about the bullpen – especially the middle relief which did force me to put Maalox on my shopping list this week.

Random Thoughts: I think Jim Reeves nailed it with his column on Matt Harrison this morning … Is Andruw Jones still with the team?...If you really want to place blame for the poor road trip it would be the equipment manager who said no Red Uniforms on the road – the lesson here is don’t tempt the Baseball gods… I really don’t like this year’s crop of Rangers commercials. It seems like they are trying to recapture the aura of the “Molly” commercials of the 1990’s – but in this case imitation is not flattery, it’s just plain flat. I loved last year’s commercials, if you can’t do humor well (and the Rangers haven’t in the past few years) then go with the kind of theme they used last season. If they really want comedy in their commericals, then find out who produces the Mariner’s commercials – they are truly funny…Have to give props to my pal Scott Lucas for his 4/11 Minor League Report – all Todd Rundgren references are greatly appreciated especially when they are used in reference to the “Lizard” … I never voted for the man – but I have to give the former owner/president compliments for his broadcast visits during the opening day game – the comment about Elvis Andrus's command of English (“his is better than mine”) was priceless.

Finally –They are back! Game reports and pictures staring this week: the home opener at Frisco and the Hooch Entourage trip for Red Out Saturday vs The Royals at the Ballpark.

“Nie ma tego złego co by na dobre nie wyszlo”
(sometimes bad things turn out to be good for you) -- Marla Hooch