Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pass It On

There was a man named John Byczynski, he served as a member of the cavalry in El Paso, Texas during the 1920’s. John played football and baseball while in the Army in Texas; he was always a baseball fan. John had a daughter named Eleanor. Eleanor had a cousin named Antoinette. John, Eleanor and Antoinette shared their love of baseball; Antoinette said that John taught her everything she knows about baseball.

Antoinette and Eleanor were Cleveland Indians fans, they enjoyed the Tribe’s successes as young girls, but as Indians fans they both learned about the long summers of following a losing team too.

When she grew up Antoinette had a daughter she named Eleanor – who eventually became known as “the other Eleanor”. Antoinette and her sister Cathi, who was also a baseball fan, passed their love of the great game onto “the other Eleanor”

John passed away in the 1970’s, his daughter Eleanor remained a Cleveland baseball fan. Her goddaughter – “the other Eleanor” - moved to Texas in 1979 and became a Rangers fan. Antoinette moved to Texas a little later and became a Rangers fan too. Both Eleanors endured some very lean years of baseball in the 1980’s. John’s daughter did experience the Indians renaissance in the 1990’s and their trip to the World Series. “The Other Eleanor’s” Rangers had a very brief moment of glory for a short time in the late 1990’s too – but never a trip to the World Series. Last Friday night that all changed.

Every family has their traditions passed from one generation to the next – my family’s is baseball, and I am so proud of that. Wednesday night Antoinette (my Baseball Mom) and I (“the other Eleanor”) will watch our Rangers play in their first World Series game. Aunt Eleanor (my godmother) will be watching too at her home in Marblehead, Ohio – all because a cavalry soldier who loved baseball passed it on.

Thank You Uncle John.

Go Rangers -- Marla Hooch

P.S. I've read so many terrific articles this week about the Rangers. These four (links) are my favorites: they  made me smile, laugh out loud and even brought a tear to my eye


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