Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Cringing While I Type

You will never see the following written on this blog again:

This morning I love Ozzie Guillen.

As a Ranger fan you have to feel that way today – Ozzie saved the day with his White Sox defeating the Angels last night. No shame for LAA losing to a resurgent Chicago, nothing but shame for Rangers losing to the team with the second worst record in the AL.

What to do? The pitching staff, which only 2 weeks ago where the wheels driving the bus has run into a tough stretch and now has 2 flat tires (Scott Feldman and “the pitcher du jour” for the fifth spot). I suppose the catching issue has been solved, for now, although it would be nice to have a catcher who could throw out a runner every once a while – for example Travis Hafner who hasn’t stolen a base in 2 years, but managed to do so (and score from 2nd) last night. What about 1B? In the last 20 games (since June 13th) the current 1B is 13 for 74 – .175 BA with 9 BB and 20 K – that was enough to get the previous 1B demoted. Since the end of the win streak on 6/25 this is a .500 team, it reminds me of that saying Baseball Mom loves to use: “Can’t stand prosperity.”

A few happier thoughts:

Speaking of 1B – our good friend Jason Botts playing with AAA Syracuse Chiefs (Washington) is hitting .486 in his last 10 games (.321 overall) with 3 HR, 13 RBI, 3 BB and 4K.

The Closer and White Collar start airing new episodes this month, and Mad Men will return late this month too. I love the fact that cable stations actually run new programs during the summer – although it does cut into my reading time.

From the bookshelf - quick reviews: The Bullpen Gospels – is a must read –  descrption on the dust jacket says a combination of  Ball Four and Bull Durham - right on target -  (thanks to the friend to recommended – you were so right). Let The Great World Spin – set on the day Phillipe Petite did his high wire walk between the Twin Towers in 1974 - it won the National Book Award last year – not sure why – an interesting book but I didn’t think it was particularly outstanding. Shanghai Girls – couldn’t put it down - if you liked the Joy Luck Club you’ll like this book – I hope there is a sequel in the works.

Finally, the Marla Hooch Entourage is heading for Round Rock this Friday and Saturday for some Redhawks/Express baseball – just in time (we hope) to see the newly promoted Blake Beavan pitch!

I’m not pressing the panic button, but I did dust it off last night. -- Marla Hooch