Sunday, October 31, 2010

Game 3: Oh What A Night

Yes, I went to Game 3 in Arlington.

You want a game story?  Then read this one by TR Sullivan because it's better than anything I could ever dream about writing.

If I tried to describe everything I saw, heard and felt yesterday - this blog would be long and so incomprehensible - you'd call a pyschologist to check me out (calling Dr. Brad!)

Here are a few impressions:

Our seats were terrific, Section 33, Row 27 directly behind the Rangers dugout.  Thank you again to the Sullivans!

Seeing Pudge catch the first pitch - and according to what I've read - he asked the Rangers if he could come to the game - makes me feel that no matter what uniform he wears - he is still ours.

The next time I have to go into battle - I'm taking Colby Lewis with me - as good as Cliff Lee is - I'm of the opinion that Colby (and Nelson Cruz) have carried the Rangers on their shoulders this off-season.

Cody Ross is beginning to annoy me more than Aaron Boone ever did.

Speaking of annoyed - if there was one thing that was a bit of a downer - the famous  North Dallas "cocaine and boob job" set was out in full force for this game.  (For those who don't understand that reference - it's the see and be seen crowd of front runners from Dallas - who only show up for events because that's "the place to be at the moment - they aren't there in July watchng the Mariners/Rangers game in 100 degree heat).  Anyway, they were sitting right in front us:  they spent the entire game: drinking, taking picures of eachother, talking on the phone, the girls were shrieking (one of the saw Ian Kinsler on second and started cheering because she thought he was going to steal 2nd - I'm not kidding) they clapped and cheered when they bought popcorn.  I wondered why someone would spend that much money on tickets and not even pay attention?  I felt sorry for the really faithful Ranger fans who couldn't afford tickets or coudln't get tickets while these idiots were the ones at the game.

However, there were plenty of Ranger faithful - Eric Nadel was standing in the aisle next to our section with his family, and everyone who passed by him hugged him or shook his hand (as I did too).  After calling 30 years of (mostly) bad baseball - he's got to be one of the happiest guys in the ballpark.  I visited with Jamey and Ginger Newberg, tailgated with Devin and Marty before the game,  saw Sister Frances and Sister Maggie (who knew when I saw them in March at Spring Training that the next time we'd see eachother was in October at a playoff game!)

I did take a few pictures, they are mainly from the pre-game - I was too involved take pictures during the game.  Here's the link (or you can access them through the photo album link on the left).

Finally: I am ready for Tommy "Big Game" Hunter tonight - and yes I am going!

This is a baseball dream come true! -- Marla Hooch

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