Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Before We Begin....

Is anyone else's day just dragging by as slowly as mine is?

I know the Rangers are the New England Patriots.

In Boston, even though the Patriots won the Super Bowl, the local New England sports fan reaction was – well that’s nice – when does Spring Training start?

It was easy for me to figure that out judging by the local media coverage and fan reaction to a 1-5 football team yesterday while the Rangers are on verge of their first World Series game.

I can live with that.

There will never be another moment in time like this one, and I’m living in the moment. First playoff series victory, first AL Pennant, first trip to the World Series – the Rangers as the lead story on MLB Network, as well as all the online sports websites - there is no way to describe a baseball fan living the dream (especially in a football town).

I’m worried about a couple of things (Vladdy in general and in particular playing RF, Tommy Hunter starting Game 4 after his two previous playoff game starts, maybe a little bit about CJ after his start in NY) – but looking at the big picture – the outcome almost doesn’t matter: the big bad dragon has been slain (the Yankees and their “mystique”) if the Rangers win – great, if they don’t – it’s still great they finally made it to the World Series.

Fianlly: (With apologies to John Fogerty)

"Well I spent my time in old Arlington Stadium, watching it the heat
You know I took some lumps when Juan Gonzalez struck out
So say hey Buddy, tell ol 'Pudge, and Hello Win Column Mark Holtz
Don’t say “it ain’t so” – you know “It’s Time” right now

Put me in Johnny, I’m ready to play today
Put me in Ron, I’m ready to play today
Look at me I am in the World Series"

Rangers in 6 – Marla Hooch

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