Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Thursday Report Card

That's 4 hours, 53 minutes and 14 innings of my life that I'll never get back.

It was a late game on a "school night" - thus the assessment is in report card form:

Bullpen Management: A+

Comments: Every move the manager made last night worked - which meant having CJ Wilson ready to close the game - doesn't John Gibbons wish he'd had the same success? And I'm including Joaquin Benoit in this praise - if Ben Broussard hadn't made that wild throw with the bases loaded in the 8th this game might not have gone into extra innings. (See next grade)

Lineup Management: F

Comments: Ron Washington has been a big league manager for a full season plus fifteen games, and no longer gets the benefit of a doubt from us for his lineups and in game management of the lineup. Last night was the perfect example: bringing in regulars who were being "rested" while the team was leading the game and playng well - left him without options later in the game when Hank Blalock left with a sore back and pinch hitters were needed. What would've happened if Gerald Laird or one of the other position players had gotten hurt in extra innings, we cringe at the thought of Josh Rupe, or Jamey Wright having to play in the field because Washington was over anxious about winning a game during the second week of April.

Honor Roll: Jason Botts, Frank Catalanotto, Franklyn German, Wes Littleton and Dustin Nippert

Go To The Head Of The Class: Josh Hamilton

Obviously, instead of writing my blog I spent 5 hours watching a game that should have ended three hours earlier. The regular Thursday blog entry will be posted long as there aren't extra innings tonight. -- Marla Hooch