Thursday, October 28, 2010

Game 2: It's Okay

The Rangers are going to lose the World Series, of this I have no doubt anymore.

But I’m not as depressed, disappointed, disillusioned (or whatever down trodden adjective you want to use) as most die hard Ranger faithful.

I have my reasons:

First of all,  the baseball gods have always had it in for the Rangers and their fans. This franchise is cursed. Much like the Greek Myth of Sisyphus, they enjoy making our team work exceptionally hard trying reach their goal and just when it’s in their grasp-well you know what happens - the curse remains - but let's hope it doesn't last as long the Cubs or the Red Sox curses.

But more importantly: there is nothing, and I mean nothing, including losing in the World Series that is going tarnish the glory of this amazing Rangers season. From the day that Khalil Green decided he couldn’t come to Spring Training until that last out of the playoffs is squeezed in some Giant’s fielder’s glove (maybe as early as Sunday night) – this season is like no other I’ve experienced in my lifetime. I’ve loved every wonderful/painful minute of it, and I will hate to see it end no matter what the outcome.

You win some, you lose some... but it's still Ranger baseball and I love it. --  Marla Hooch

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