Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Baseball Fever: I Caught It...Literally

On the DL: I have a headache, chills, a swollen left ankle and temperature of 102. The doctor says it is an infection and a sprained ankle. I say it's Ranger baseball withdrawl. Either way, I feel terrible, no blog this week - when we can agree on diagnosis - I'll be back - probably next week.

If you haven't been reading... T.R. Sullivan's 50 Most Memorable Plays in Rangers History - you really should - he finished up today with the top 2 plays - Ryan vs Ventura and Rusty Greer's catch that saved Kenny Rogers perfect game. Go back and read them all on Postcards From Elysian Fields

Prognostication: Hope the Twins win tonight. I'm picking the Red Sox and Rays for the ALCS - the Cubs and Phillies for the NLCS.

Still trying to figure this one out: Ron Washington and Matt Wallbeck didin't "gell"so JD is letting Ron pick his own third base coach. Of course Ron Washington insisted on obtaining Ben Broussard and then hitting him against lefties - said he was the secret weapon in the lineup - uh-huh. Additionally, Washington made the Rangers jump through some hoops to get Art Howe (since he'd already signed on as coach for an NL team) - and now he's been let go? Kind of makes me wonder about Ron's choices.

Praise the Lord and pass the anti-biotics and ginger ale -- Marla Hooch