Sunday, September 16, 2012

Planing My Nights By The TV Guide

There was a pop song (masquerading on the country charts) a few years ago with the lyric "she was at home planning her nights by the TV Guide."  I absconded with that line for today's blog. 

My sister the New Mexico Bean has a PHD in psychology - she told me  it's documented that women my age start watching more television - good I like watching TV, not ashamed of it, and love writing about it.

Top 10 Season Passes on the DVR:
1. The Good Wife - love Josh Charles, love Josh Charles. This is the "water cooler" series with my friends at work.
2. Parenthood - Produced and written by Jason Katims (sp?) who did the same for Friday Night Lights (my 2nd favorite TV series ever) - There's a big blog post coming up on Lauren Graham/Sarah Braverman soon.
3. Smash - I'm a Broadway/Musicals junkie - Megan Hilty is the best singer on TV today (take that Lea Michele)
4. Mad Men - yeah, I bought into the hype - but that's because it's a really, really good show.
5. Modern Family - Ty Burrell is so underrated.
6. Suits - it's just enough over the top to be fun, without being in your face unwatchable (as alot of cable series can be).
7. Leverage - see #6 - the chemistry and asides from Elliot, Parker and Hardison are worth the price of admission.
8. Psych - I don't always get all the references (it's an age thing) but it's fun to watch.
9. White Collar - Speaking of fun to watch - Matt Bomer is gorgeous
10. Glee - Has really fallen off since the first season, most of the time I fast forward through the plots to the musical numbers - which are still the best (come back Krisen Chenowith and Gwyneth Paltrow- please - Kate Hudson is kind of meh)

I don't watch reality TV shows, or competition shows. Not the least bit interested

The New Stuff:

Community - My close personal friend Sir Basil Gucci and fellow DTFCer Justin kept telling me watch this show.  I hesitated because I really don't like Joel McHale - but I finally caught up with it on Hulu the last few weeks - Troy and Abed - I know these kinds of guys and  I love them.

The Big Bang Theory - didn't start watching it until one one Saturday night a couple months ago when there was nothing else on -now I'm hooked.  Would loved to have seen Jim Parson in the revival of "Harvey" on Broadway this past summer.

The New Normal - liked this more than I thought I would - if they'd tone down Ellen Barkin's character, make her understated - it would be even better (and she'd be much funnier).

Go On - I want to like this series, really I would - I'm rooting for Matthew Perry  (loved Mr. Sunshine - I think Sir Basil and I were the only ones who watched it.  Plus I'm pretty sure I'm  the only one who watched Studio 60 to the bitter end).

Major Crimes - I watched "The Closer" - it took a couple of episodes to get used to the new "format" - but like a fungus, it's grown on me.

Waiting for the DVD's Because I Don't Have HBO:

Treme (2nd season) - From David Simon who created my favorite TV show ever "Homicide" - just wish John Goodman had stayed with the series.

The Newsroom - it's Jeff Daniels, Sam Waterston and Aaron Sorkin - what other reason do you need?

As I mentioned to someone recently - I rarely go to the movies anymore.  In my never humble opinion 98% of them are unwatchable and even worse uninteresting - unless you are a 12 year old boy who reads comic books. Isn't it astounding how many movies are based on old TV series - studios are looking to TV for ideas - because no one who makes movies seems to have an original thought anymore.

Planning my nights by the TV Guide - you bet. Television series these day are smarter, funnier, more thoughtful, well done and very importantly the more interesting medium worth watching these days.

I want to live in Aaron Sorkin's world! - Marla Hooch

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