Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Like It Or Not....

In order to sign and keep free agents you have to overpay them and keep them longer than the stat heads at BP and BBTIA pronounce is necessary. Like it or not: that’s the way it works.

If you treat players like baseball cards, as seems to be the mentality of the loudest shrieks we are reading on the ‘net today, instead of human beings – your team significantly decreases their opportunities to sign (or keep potential) free agents. Like it or not: that’s the way it works.

With the precedent the Rangers are setting with Michael Young, then they might as well change their name to the Arlington A’s since they are adopting the same mentality of the Oakland A’s – (watch out Adrian Beltre, Josh Hamilton, and CJ). Except that the Rangers farm system just isn’t that strong anymore, and their track record of developing starting pitching is spotty - on a good day- and average to poor most of the time. Like it or not: that's the way it looks like the Rangers are headed.

What should have been an off-season and Spring Training basking in the glory of 2010 has turned in a mess and revealed the Rangers to be stuck in the same treadmill of stupidity and futility I thought they’d abandoned. Like it or not: that’s the way it is.

Like or not: you've pretty much lost me this time JD and Nolan -- Marla Hooch

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Kathy W said...

I tried to ignore all the rumors and innuendo until Monday. I still believe the Rangers are a better team with MY as DH and "super-utility" infielder. I also know that with the Rangers history of injuries and/or sub-par performances in spring training and early in the season, that MY will wind up playing in the fielda lot. I am ABSOLUTELY opposed to just trading him to trade him and make him feel better. We should not give him away and/or pay the bulk of his salary just to see him leave and not get anything of value in return. I am the biggest MY fan out there; my only personalized shirts/jerseys are MY. I KNOW that if we cannot get a favorable deal done before spring training, Michael will be the honorable, true baseball professional that he is, show up for camp and do his best at any and all roles assigned to him.