Sunday, January 2, 2011

First Blog Entry Of The New Year

Trust me, any other year a free agent pitcher signing with another team, and a trade not involving the Rangers is not a big story. 

The thought that keeps popping up in my mind is: this is (basically) the same team the Rangers started out with last season and were already winning the division when they acquired Cliff Lee.  That's a pretty good team already in place (although I'm one of those who is not in favor of bringing back Vlad).  Are the other teams in the AL West better?  Well, the verdict is out on the Angels (if they get Beltre - maybe).  The Mariners aren't,  the A's - that's the team I worry about the most - their pitching is very good, their offense has been the question - is Matsui going to be a difference maker?

It's the last day of the Holiday Season in my book, the "Boring Season" (that long stretch before Spring Training starts) begins tomorrow - there will be plenty of time to ruminate about the 2011 season, that's something I plan on doing. 

But for now, I have that same feeling I did in grade school on that last day of Christmas vacation - I've got to make the most of it - because the real world I live in 330 days out of the year rises with the sun tomorrow morning.

Happy New Year to all - and let's start worrying about the Rangers....tomorrow -- Marla Hooch

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