Friday, August 20, 2010

Thought For The Day

From Richard Durrett of ESPN Dallas:

"In the meantime, playoff contending teams figure out a way to win despite key losses during stretches of the season. The Rangers must do that now. They need reserve players to step up and make smart decisions. They've gotten a break in that the Angels and A's haven't gone on any long winning streak in the last week or two. But those teams could close the gap quickly if the Rangers don't start hitting."
As always with the Rangers - easier said than done.

Oh, and by the way - if you look at the ESPN "Hunt for October" standings this morning, the Rangers playoff opponent has now changed to the inevitable: The Yankees.  All because Oakland figured out a way to do something last night that Texas cannot do - beat the Rays.

I've earned my Ranger Pessimissim the hard way, after 30 years of watching this team implode more often than not (including that miserable 1-9 record in the playoffs) I just can't be convinced that the Rangers are real contenders.  This team has broken my baseball heart too often and are doing it again. 

Can't do it, won't go there, I should know better -- Marla Hooch

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Patty O said...

Hey there. Either way, the Rays or the Yankees would be a tough opponent. I say the key for Texas is pitching. If Cliff Lee pitches the way he should and the other pitchers in their rotation step up, Texas should make some noise in the playoffs.