Monday, August 16, 2010

A Really Big Show

Sunday Night 8:00 p.m. – everyone watched. For many years one episode from February 1964 had the highest ratings of any television show ever (yeah, yeah, yeah). The musical “Forever Plaid” (which literally ran forever at the now closed Casa Manana Downtown) contained a hilarious 2 minute parody. Of course, I’m talking about the Ed Sullivan Show.

Why bring that up? Good question – because I couldn’t think of anything else to start out with this morning.

But seriously, last week was a big series for the Rangers – facing the Yankees and the Red Sox always is and will be. However, in my mind the “really big show” is the next 3 days. If the season ended today – the Rangers October opponent would be the Tampa Bay Rays. How these games play out the next three days might be a bigger test for this Ranger team than anything that happened on the last homestand. It’s going to be a “really big show”.

Remembering Topo Gigio, Senor Wences and the guy with the spinning plates  -- Marla Hooch

P.S. The best thing about yesterday’s win – seeing Chuck Greenberg sitting out in the bleachers with the fans. By the way: when are Tom and Josh going to do another one of their broadcast's from the bleachers?

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Lisa Winston said...

Did you know my husband and I met in the dressing room of the Ed Sullivan Theatre? Talk about meeting cute.

And it doesn't surprise me that Chuck was in the bleachers. He is truly one of the awesomest of the awesome. (And he and his amazing marketing guys were behind my single favorite collectible, my Altoona Curve Tony Beasley nesting doll).