Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Evelyn Wood Speed Reading Edition

If you know what I’m talking about in the title, don’t worry I won’t reveal your age.

For those who don’t: back when televisions looked like the one in the picture on the left, when you watched during day the – say when you came home from school – you’d be bombarded with commercials for the “Evelyn Wood” speed reading method. They’d have live demonstrations of young men reading about ½ of “The Agony and The Ecstasy” (which is a fairly large book) in just 10 minutes. The method apparently had something to do with running your finger down the middle of the page – at least that’s what it looked like. What does this have to do with baseball and this blog? Well, today’s entry is the Evelyn Wood Speed Reading edition, for once I’ll try to keep things short (even though this opening paragraph is already running contrary to the theme). Put you finger in the center at the top of the screen and start reading:

Is Ty Wiggington going to be a free agent this off-season? If he is, put him on the wish list – would love to see him in the super-utility role the Rangers had envisioned for Khalil Green.

If you don’t get a newspaper, then you need to read this from the Biz of Baseball website – yet another reason to feel good about Rangers Baseball Express (but not a  flattering picture of Nolan)

After reading the articles about the leaked financial documents for the Marlins, as much as I disliked the Rangers previous owner he's a saint compared to Samson/Loria, I’m really glad I’m not a Marlins fan.

That item from the Austin American Statesman on their potential change to a Rangers affiliate got me thinking: Does the Red Roof Inn have a “frequent stay” program? Will Scott Lucas  put up a tent  in the parking lot and live there during the season? (Just kidding Scott). I’ve said this before: Dell Diamond is one of my favorite places to watch a minor league game – if they are going to be the Rangers AAA team – it will truly be my field of dreams.

The whole Cliff Lee/ESPN over reported story brings two things to mind:

  1. Why I loathe, hate, despise and never ever listen to sports talk radio: where self-inflated speculation/opinions turn into facts to increase ratings.
  2. The reason ESPN started a DFW focused website was for just such events – they are going after the print media to “generate more hits” on their website. You know what they did it. My goodness isn't the DMN is indignant? The same DMN where bloggers/columnists are prone to the same kind of speculation – just not as loudly (ever read a Gerry Fraley or Jean-Jacques Taylor column on the Rangers that doesn’t include suppositions/opinions?)

Speaking of Cliff Lee here’s my totally unrealistic speculation: maybe Cliff Lee won’t sign with the Yankees, because they are in the AL East and he’d have to face the Baltimore Orioles often (Yanks play 18 games against Baltimore this year). If he stays with Texas….okay maybe not.

Why did I wait so long to start watching “Psych”?

Just like Rodney Dangefield – the Rangers still get no respect: According to Tom Verducci’s article on the Sports Illustrated website Pedro Borbon has come out of retirement and is playing CF for the Rangers. Update: they changed the article to reflect the right player – but originally it said Pedro Borbon. Kind of like the out of town scribes who still refer to the Rangers closer as Neftali Perez.

I’m serious about using the Rally Mantis; as of this morning the Rangers are 3-0 since he showed up on that kid’s head in Baltimore. My suggestion: use some clips of Zorach from “Space Ghost Coast To Coast” (yeah, I used to watch it – I have no idea why).

Still don’t think Vlad Guerrero is back on track – he hit a big fat meatball that Kevin Millwood served up on Sunday – yet the HR barely cleared the fence. In the 83 games  he played in (pre-All Star Break) – he had a total of 30 K’s. Since the All-Star break in 35 games he already has 22 K’s, only 8 extra base hits out of the 33 hits in those same games. Really think the Rangers should explore other DH options this off-season before they consider agreeing to pick-up Vlad’s option.

Did anyone see the clip of RHP Roy Oswalt playing OF in the Phillies extra inning game the other night? If not – click here.

By the way, where are all the critics who blasted the Rangers for not taking Rick Porcello in the 2007 draft? Last time I checked Porcello was 5-11 with 5.76 ERA and had spent some time at AAA Toledo this season. The Rangers pick from the 2007 draft is one of the reasons Cliff Lee is now a Ranger – which pitcher would you rather have on the mound this season?

Finally: In the spirit of self-help, self-promotion, and self-expression:  Post Game Therapy will continue until I’m cured or committed or the season ends (whatever happens first).

Stealing a line from Steven Wright: “I was in a speed reading accident. I hit a book mark and flew across the room” -- Marla Hooch

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