Sunday, August 29, 2010

8/28 Post Game Therapy

Here's the thing about last night's game:  Forget about Rich Harden, let's talk about the offense. 

Sure, Friday night's game was alot of fun, but Saturday night's game was more like a playoff game.
Yes, it's more likely Cliff Lee, Colby Lewis or CJ Wilson will be the starter in a possible post-season game, so the Rangers won't be playing from as far behind (we hope).

However,  the Rangers are likely to face the likes of CC Sabathia or David Price in that situation - those pitchers are going to throw the same kind of game Dallas Braden did last night.  From my point of view, the offense from this team didn't look any different than the teams that wilted in '96, '98 and '99.  Didn't see any patience at the plate, didn't see anything that resembled "small ball" - and that my friends has always been the Rangers biggest flaw in post season, they don't know how to squeeze out just enough runs to win, no matter how good their pitching may be. 

P.S. If the A's can find any kind of offensive help this off-season, then they will be a factor in the AL West next season with those kind of nice young starting pitchers.

Quoting Albert Camus "At any street corner the feeling of absurdity can strike any man in the face." -- Marla Hooch

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