Friday, April 23, 2010

Still On The DL

No blog this week.

My back is still giving me problems, and the rest is too sad (a 3-6 road trip) or too frustrating (Mr. Hicks doing his best Gordon Gekko impersonation) to even think about discussing.

Finally – I don’t wish ill on anyone, but you will never see me write anything nice about Justin Smoak.

-- Marla Hooch

P.S. During the 12 day road trip - if you combine every player (excluding Chris Davis) who had an appearance - the team batting average was .250 with almost twice as many strikeout's (61) as walks (27). The best hitters on the road trip were Elvis Andrus (.500), Joaquin Arias (.333) and Josh Hamilton (.313) while Michael Young hit .235, Julio Borbon hit .133, Vlad hit .200 and Nelson Cruz .214.

Meanwhile Frank Francisco blows another game, Dustin Nippert takes a loss too - but Chris Davis bears the blame for a non-productive offense, a bullpen that lost 2 games, sloppy defense and the fourth poor April under Ron Washington's tenure.

The more things change in the Texas Rangers organization...the more they stay the same.


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