Sunday, April 18, 2010

It's Not Food Poisoning....

...but it's pretty darn close. 

I am sequestered at Hooch World HQ with some kind of stomach flu and to make things even more interesting my back went out which makes trying to move around (quickly) a real challenge. The miserable outing by the major league team in the Bronx  hasn't helped anything -  I am down and out -  so no blog entry this week.

I did see Martin Perez pitch last week Monday - he showed some flashes of the highly touted prospect - but he also walked as many as he struck out - it was not quite a Bobby Witt like performance - but it's still a batter to batter prospostion - so I'd put those notions of him making an appearance in the major leagues this season on the back burner for now.  I'll have pictures from the game online sometime this week - check out the new link to the photo gallery on the left hand menu bar.

I have tickets to the  the Rangers game  this Friday and  serveral tickets for Friscogames during their upcoming homestand -  I am hoping for lots of healthy blathering online to follow those games.

Praise The Lord and pass the Pepto Bismol---Marla Hooch


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