Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Newberg Report Wipe Out Kids Cancer Charity Event

Do you know what was the best part of our charity event on Tuesday night?

It wasn't just the great Chuck Morgan - who always knows what say, how to get the crowd into the moment and adds that special touch class (that the Rangers haven't always had) to every event he hosts.

It wasn't just seeing Sean Duncan and his kids there.  Sean  was one the first players who sat and signed autographs at our inaguaral Newberg Report booth at Rangers Fan Fest in the Arlington Convention Center  (was it it really 10 years ago?).

It wasn't just Grant Schiller starting the evening's Q & A with some good questions for Rangers Assistant Director of Player Development Jake Krug.

It wasn't just watching Chuck Greenberg's responses to all the questions and suggestions from the loyal and mighty fans of the Newberg Nation (as one questioner called us); and the fact that he volunteered to auction the Rangers jacket he was wearing that night.  (By the way: in all the time that Mr. Hicks owned the team, I never once thought about refering to him as just Tom.  Mr. Greenberg made a point of telling everyone to call him Chuck, and I felt pretty comfortable doing that right away).

It wasn't just the fan who gave Chuck Greenberg his Ranger cuff links to wear to the first owners meeting he attends representing the Texas Rangers.

It wasn't just Annette Leslie's moving speech about her son Carson's and Michael Young's friendship.

It wasn't just watching professional acutioneer Luther Davis (a fan of the Newberg Report) get the crowd to bid up those charity items that Annette, Cristina Barbosa-Young and others donated.

It wasn't just the first beer that I ever received via text message.

It wasn't just Michael Young giving honest answers and conveying his enthusiasm about his teammates and "something really special" that is on the horizon for Ranger fans in 2010.

You know what the best part of the evening really was?  It was announcing that the combined auction results with a matchng donation from Michael and Cristina raised over $12,000.00  for Wipe Out Kids Cancer.  I know somewhere Carson Leslie is raising a high-five and saying "allright!"

Proud to be a charter member of the Newberg/Rangers Nation -- Marla Hooch

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