Sunday, May 24, 2009

Never Forget

There were two articles on the CNN website that struck me this past week.

The first was an article about Secretary of Defense Robert Gates that included this quote:

"Since the hour I was sworn in as secretary of defense, 1,327 American men and women in uniform have been killed in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan; 10,443 have been wounded. Each of them is in my thoughts and prayers every day"

The other was about Section 60 at Arlington Cemetery.

Monday is a solemn holiday that, unfortunately, too many don't remember or bother to acknowledge.

I know fans are very excited about the Rangers/Yankees series, especially the game on Monday afternoon. But let's not forget the ultimate sacrifice made by men and women thoughout U.S. history that is the reason most of us have the day off to watch baseball on Monday.

Taps (Traditional)

Day is done
Gone the sun
From the hills
From the lakes
From the skies
All is well
Safely rest
God is nigh

Go to sleep
Peaceful sleep
May the soldier or sailor
God keep
On the land or the deep
Safe in sleep

-- Marla Hooch

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