Saturday, May 30, 2009

Alejandro's Whole Dirt Catalog

Alejandro ascends from the shoulders of the always under construction I-30 to ponder the fact that the Rangers will still be leading the AL West on June 1st.

The Oracle of the Chat Room: When asked if the Baltimore trade for Adam Jones from Seattle (for the disappointing Erik Bedard) was the best trade of the last ten years - Baseball America’s Jim Callis responded “Check out the Mark Teixeira trade to the Braves.”

The words of the prophets are written on the subways walls: Because they certainly aren’t written by the genius number crunchers at Baseball Prospectus who picked the Rangers remain in the cellar this season. Not saying that it still couldn’t happen but it’s kind of satisfying to chide those who depend solely on numbers with the reality of performance on the field.

The numbers that are worth counting: Did you know hat five of the Rangers eight regular starters are in the top ten of fielding percentage for their positions in the AL?

Chris Davis – tied for 1st at 1.000
Ian Kinsler – 5th place at .988
Elvis Andrus – 9th place at .967
Michael Young – 3rd place at .967
Jarrod Saltalamacchia – tied for 4th at .995

Meanwhile the Rangers are 4th in AL Fielding with a .987 FP and have the 5th fewest errors at 24

“But how many of you that sit and judge me have ever walked the streets of Bakersfield?”: The Rangers High A Ball affiliate located Bakersfield has it’s share of …um…challenges with that team ownership. Add this one, as noted by ever entertaining Scott Lucas: “In the 7th, Stockton’s radio announcer mentioned that impending rain could be problematic because Bakersfield doesn’t own a tarp.”

One more number that counts: Rangers RHP Kevin Millwood ERA of 3.25 put him in the top 10 in AL ERA ( 8th place)

Birthdays: Currently unemployed former Ranger OF Kenny Lofton turns 42, currently employed Rangers Director of Player Development Scott Servais is also turning 42 this week. Cub RHP Carlos Zambrano will celebrate his 28th birthday serving a 6 game suspension for his antics last week. Ewart Gladstone Walker who had a short career as a pitcher with Washington from 1909-1912 was born this week in 1887 – you are probably more familiar with two of his sons who were also baseball players: Harry “The Hat” Walker and “The People’s Choice” Dixie Walker. Is Travis Hafner really 32 years old this week? Is Einar Diaz's hair still on fire? The other Hall of Famer born on June 5th 1874 is “Happy” Jack Chesbro. And Stepfather Extraordinaire Neil F. Gibson, Jr is 73 and appropriately attending the Ranger – A’s game Sunday afternoon courtesy of a grateful stepdaughter.

Last Call: From mentor and friend T.R. Sullivan’s article on Chris Davis’s current woes at the plate:

"So what does Davis need?

'A hug,' he said."

Marla Hooch has volunteered to help out with that.

Usted no está envejeciendo, que son cada vez major -- Alejandro


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