Sunday, January 11, 2009


Let's be honest kids, this has been the dullest offseason since the strike of 1994.

There's only so much you can write about pitching coaches, Gerald Laird and the new seats/video boards at the Ballpark.

I did cause a minor stir with my response on the Monday Morning Manager question about trading for Gary Sheffield. Let me 'splain: I said I'd think about it: if the Tigers paid 75% of his salary and the Rangers only have to give up a fringe type prospect (KC Herren anyone?) in return. My reason: I'm not a big believer in Nelson Cruz batting behind Josh Hamilton. There is always the possibility that the Rangers can find another alternative - say one of those players who'd sign a one year contract (that would elevate their stats by playing 81 games at the Ballpark) and increase their chances of obtaining the next Gary Matthews Jr. type contract in 2010 (Adam Dunn, anyone?) I wouldn't have have a problem with that.

Very pleased to see Jim Reeves writing again and adding to the Startlegram Blog (now listed on my links)...hope that you read TR Sullivan's wonderful profile of our friend Grant Schiller on the Rangers website (and the clever Christmas entry on Postcards From Elysian Fields with Grant, his dad Mike and some guy ... Be sure to check out Grant's interview with Eric Nadel right here....and when you are finished reading Grant surf over to the Scott Lucas list: Ranking Texas’s Top 72 Prospects, a/k/a Confirming Your Insanity In Writing

And.that's the extent of my thoughts on baseball.

Off Season, Off Topic: Aside from my crass promotion for "Life On Mars" (see the left hand sidebar of the blog) I'm also recommending - "Spectacle: Elvis Costello with..." on the Sundance Channel. The interviews are nothing earth-shattering - as a matter of fact they are a bit scattered - but the muscial performances are sensational. The best, so far, in my never humble opinion is James Taylor and Elvis signing the Everly Brothers "I'll Do My Crying In The Rain" - written by Carole King (I did not know that). Don't believe me: here's the video. And, as always you need to watch "Friday Night Lights" starting again on NBC at the end of this month. I'm fortunate to have Direct TV and have seen most of the episodes already (except the finale - it's on this Wednesday night) - this show has come back strong this year. I like the fact that they've decided to graduate most of the cast members, and if the show is renewed will feature all new kids next season, I don't like the rumor that Connie Britton and Kyle Chandler will not be brought back as Coach Taylor and his wife Tami . .. how much do I like "Chuck" on NBC? Every time I have to make a trip to "Best Buy" I keep saying I'm going to the "Buy More".

See you at the Newberg Booth at the Rangers Winter Fan Fest on January 24th (at least I think we're having a booth)

Wake me when it's time for Spring Training -- Marla Hooch


Anonymous said...

I wish I had the Sundance channel to be able to see one of my all-time favourite artists (that being Elvis Costello). Thanks for the reference.


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