Monday, January 12, 2009

Michael Young Asking To Be Traded...Wow

That's what happens when I decide to read a book instead of the internet last night.

Why is my first impression that this is the Rangers way of trying unload his contract rather than doing what is best for the team?

-- Marla Hooch


Micah said...

I couldn't agree more with you on your sentiments. Sure, i'm disappointed in Young's reaction, but if it really went down like he says (being told instead of invited to a discussion), then I think he's justified. The Rangers botched this move by TELLING a veteran who committed to them two seasons ago when he probably could have easily moved on. I hope both sides can come together on this and smooth out the rough edges. Otherwise, there's sure to be a tense clubhouse come February.

P.S. Have you heard anything lately on Mr. Botts? I wish I could read Japanese now that he and Kam are both going to be playing over there.

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