Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Cringing While I Type

You will never see the following written on this blog again:

This morning I love Ozzie Guillen.

As a Ranger fan you have to feel that way today – Ozzie saved the day with his White Sox defeating the Angels last night. No shame for LAA losing to a resurgent Chicago, nothing but shame for Rangers losing to the team with the second worst record in the AL.

What to do? The pitching staff, which only 2 weeks ago where the wheels driving the bus has run into a tough stretch and now has 2 flat tires (Scott Feldman and “the pitcher du jour” for the fifth spot). I suppose the catching issue has been solved, for now, although it would be nice to have a catcher who could throw out a runner every once a while – for example Travis Hafner who hasn’t stolen a base in 2 years, but managed to do so (and score from 2nd) last night. What about 1B? In the last 20 games (since June 13th) the current 1B is 13 for 74 – .175 BA with 9 BB and 20 K – that was enough to get the previous 1B demoted. Since the end of the win streak on 6/25 this is a .500 team, it reminds me of that saying Baseball Mom loves to use: “Can’t stand prosperity.”

A few happier thoughts:

Speaking of 1B – our good friend Jason Botts playing with AAA Syracuse Chiefs (Washington) is hitting .486 in his last 10 games (.321 overall) with 3 HR, 13 RBI, 3 BB and 4K.

The Closer and White Collar start airing new episodes this month, and Mad Men will return late this month too. I love the fact that cable stations actually run new programs during the summer – although it does cut into my reading time.

From the bookshelf - quick reviews: The Bullpen Gospels – is a must read –  descrption on the dust jacket says a combination of  Ball Four and Bull Durham - right on target -  (thanks to the friend to recommended – you were so right). Let The Great World Spin – set on the day Phillipe Petite did his high wire walk between the Twin Towers in 1974 - it won the National Book Award last year – not sure why – an interesting book but I didn’t think it was particularly outstanding. Shanghai Girls – couldn’t put it down - if you liked the Joy Luck Club you’ll like this book – I hope there is a sequel in the works.

Finally, the Marla Hooch Entourage is heading for Round Rock this Friday and Saturday for some Redhawks/Express baseball – just in time (we hope) to see the newly promoted Blake Beavan pitch!

I’m not pressing the panic button, but I did dust it off last night. -- Marla Hooch



Casey White said...


There's about a 75% chance that I'll be at the Round Rock game Saturday night. (It's not 100% because I'm working Saturday during the day so there's always a chance things'll blow up and I won't be able to get out to Round Rock.) If so, I'd love to sit with you for a bit. It's been way way way too long. Email me at john.casey.white@gmail.com or call me at 512-395-4488 if you'd like.

Lisa Winston said...

Just finished "Shanghai Girls" as well and absolutely loved it ... did NOT share your opinion of some of the other books you reviewed though ... maybe the first time we've not seen eye-to-eye on anything cultural? ;)