Friday, October 8, 2010

That Indescribable Feeling

I've been walking around all day with this very strange feeling that I can't exactly describe.  It reminds me of the last couple of weeks of my senior year in college:  a mixture of anticpation, dread and the urge to party my brains out.  Freinds and family have been sending me messages, my co-workers stop by my cubicle to offer a high five and ask me if I'm going to the game on Saturday (I'm not). 

On one hand, I'm elated.  As I mentioned in the post below, I listened to the 9th inning of Game 1 at work on Tuesday with a fellow fan (who is also the Mom of one the 6 Shooters from the Ballpark) when Neftali recorded the final out, we did a playoff dance.  Yesterday I did let out a little whoop (that everyone in the office apparently heard) when Michael Young hit his HR.  I wore my Ranger gear to work today and decorated the cubicle outer wall with the front page of  Thursday and Friday's Startlegram.

But on the other hand, I'm a 30 year Ranger fan.  I keep thinking this is too good to be true. 90% of the national baseball media "experts" picked the Rays to win the series.  I'm Charlie Brown and the Rangers are Lucy waiting to pull the football away when I go charging towards her.  I can't erase that  nagging doubt and the feeling in the pit of my stomach that it's all going to fall apart rather quickly.

What to do? What to think? How do I feel waiting for Saturday afternoon?

I fear Matt Garza, but I trust Josh Hamilton.  I am thrilled to see Cliff Lee and Michael Young get those "Yankee" calls from the umps - but after all public whining I'm afraid they are going to "give" a few of those same calls to the Rays now?  Has Neftali worked out the anxiety and whatever else was bothering him (did anyone else notice that even after the game ended Bengie Molina was still jawing at Feliz?) Is Evan Longoria really as rusty at the plate as he appeared in the first 2 games (or is he more hurt than we've been lead to believe?)

I want to enjoy this gift from the baseball gods - and make no mistake: every playoff for every team (even the Yankees)  is something special.

Maybe, just for tonight until game time tomorrow, I'll put my doubts aside and not look a gift horse in the mouth.  I'm going to enjoy the moment - that indecscribable feeling?  I think I figured it out:  because of the Rangers I'm walking on sunshine.

Go Rangers!

-- Marla Hooch

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