Tuesday, September 21, 2010

9/20 Post Game Therapy

Half Empty or Half Full?

Glass Half Full:  Part of me says:  there are 13 games left, if the Rangers win just 4 more games, Oakland can't lose any more than 2 games just to catch the Rangers - that seems like a nearly impossible situation for the A's.

Glass Half Empty:  The Rangers, right now, have the worst record of any of the teams (AL or NL) that are positioned to go into the post season, which means they are the road team.  The Yankess are 41-34 on the road, Tampa Bay 43-31, Minnesota 40-35 meanwhile the Rangers have a 35-40 road record.   Add to that: Texas is 1-3 against sub .500 teams, on the road,  in their own division the past 4 games!

At least Chris Davis had a good night at the plate.

No more magic numbers until it is down to 1 - Marla Hooch

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