Thursday, September 16, 2010

9/15 Post Game Therapy

Remember the Arsenio Hall Show? He did a bit called “things that make you say hmmm”. Today’s post game therapy is loosely based on that, I’m calling it “things that make Ranger fans say hmmm and then shake their heads in despair”

Example #1 - Today’s Fort Worth Startlegram: the banner across the top of the front page is … about the Cowboys; not a single word about the Rangers, who drew 34,000 + on a Wednesday night in September. The Rangers instead merit a tiny little article on the upper right hand inside– while the 0-1 team down the street gets nearly the entire front of the Startlegram’s Sports page.

Example #2 – The Dallas Boring News edition in our breakroom at work has the wrong Magic Number (9) listed on their miniscule article (also relegated to a small upper right hand corner spot).

There’s a “hypothetical” about the local media that more than one Ranger fan has told me, which goes something like this: The day the Rangers win the World Series, Dale Hansen will lead off Channel 8’s sports segment with a story about Tony Romo’s hangnail, and then there will be some kind of golf feature, a piece on a high school football game, the last story intro will be “oh by the way The Rangers won the World Series – here’s George Riba”.

Still counting - thank you Kansas City  -- Marla Hooch

P.S.  Jim Reeves is awesome: Read This

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