Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Here’s the issue:

I know this blog isn’t about breaking news – you have plenty of other sources for that on the web.

This blog, I hope, isn’t about knee-jerking and rants. In the four years I’ve been writing, I’d like to think I’ve limited my emotional responses – although there have been a few.

It’s not about analysis – I’m not a stat head, I’m not a pseudo scout, I don’t pretend to know more than I actually do – which is not much.

What I do is write what I think and see – and I attempt to do it with a semblance of consideration, and style. I try to write each entry with some kind of theme that ties it together, maybe makes it a slightly more interesting read and justifies that college degree my parents paid for.

Do I write about the continuing defensive problems with this team that are really starting to bother me? Once again – the manager’s supposed calling card is “catch and throw” – yet it’s almost two months into the season and the Rangers overall defense has been …disappointing. (They are 9th the AL in fielding percentage have 22 errors).

Do I write about the schizophrenic road trip with a inflating sweep of Seattle followed by a deflating 1-2 series against the A’s. Including the 2009 season the Rangers are 5-9 when they play in Oakland.  Does anyone remember how Mark Holtz used to call Exhibtion Stadium in Toronto the “voodoo palace” – I think the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum has taken that mantle.

Do I write about the book that my stepbrother Rob gave me “The Baseball Codes”? It starts out with the entire backstory of the infamous Ryan-Ventura confrontation. I’m about ½ way through the book right now – so far it’s pretty good – I’ll write more about it when I’ve finished reading it all the way through.

Do I write about Dallas Branden’s perfect game – and that he is probably the most annoying pitcher to throw one since David Wells? But I did love his grandmother’s comments – I know plenty of Seattle and Texas fans who’d love to say the same thing to Yankees third baseman.

Do I write about the quietly amazing Frisco Roughriders who are 19-13 leading their division by 3 games in spite of team batting average of .248 and the third worst ERA in the Texas League at 3.72. I’m going to see the Riders this weekend – I’ll have a game report (or two) to write about next week.

Do I put in a link to this terrific story about Doug Mathis (written by our pal TR Sullivan) on the extra meaning in his Mother’s Day win.

Do I write about the ownership situation. No , I don’t think so, too much ink and bandwith have been wasted on this - the problem being none of those writing these articles are financial and/or legal experts – it’s all just speculation – much of it with an agenda. What I do know is that all the parties involved are awfully quiet – it reminds me of that line from an old Bugs Bunny cartoon “it’s quiet out there – too quiet”.

Do I try to find that quote from the late Dock Ellis (and I’m paraphrasing) that every season around Memorial Day is about the time that you can judge what a team is going to do because “the men stand up and the boys sit down”. Memorial Day is only 18 days (and 16 Ranger games) from the day I’m writing this entry.

Finally – well, look at that I did find a way to write something this week for the blog.

I think, therefore I am -- Marla Hooch


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Micah said...

I'm going to have to look into that book. It sounds really interesting.