Saturday, May 29, 2010

Memorial Day 2010

"They are not dead who live in lives they leave behind. In those whom they have blessed they live a life again."—Eleanor Roosevelt

As of September 2009 there are:

-- 1,027,000 American Vietnam Veterans still living, their average age is 60-68

-- 3,900,000 American Korean War Veterans still living, their average age is 76-88  – a percentage of those veterans also served in World War II

-- 2,272,000 American World War II veterans still living, their average age is 85-90

-- 1 American World War I veteran is still living: his name is Frank Woodruff Buckles, he is 109 years old. He was also taken prisoner (as a civilian) by the Japanese in World War II

These remaining soldiers served with men and women who died so that:

-- there is still a Cardinals – Cubs rivalry,
-- Keith Olberman and Bill O’Reilly can argue their views without censorship,
-- Barnes and Noble and Legacy Bookstore can co-exist,
-- Green’s Produce Market and Whole Foods can both prosper in the same town,
-- I can sit at my computer this morning to write this blog entry.

In December 2000, the US Congress passed PL-106-579 establishing a National Moment of Remembrance to be observed each Memorial Day at 3:00 P.M.

Not all of us can remember to pause at that moment on Monday, but none of us should ever forget of the great and tragic sacrifice that is at the heart of this holiday.

-- Marla Hooch

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