Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring Training 2010: The Best Moment

I moved to Texas in August of 1979.  The first week in town, my aunt Cathi took me to a Rangers game and we sat behind Sister Frances and Sister Maggie at the old Arlington Stadium.

Yesterday, at the Rockies/Rangers exhibition game in Surprise, I once again found myself seated behind Sister Frances and Sister Maggie.

31 years later:  we're still here and we're still Ranger fans.

--- Marla Hooch


Jason said...

That is awesome! I've been a Rangers fan as long as I can remember but you have me beat by 10 years.

mrs. schmenge said...

One of my favorite Arlington Stadium memories was Sister Francis arguing calls with the umpire and ending by yelling instructions to catcher Jim Sundberg: "Bite him in the leg, Sunny!"

Lynda B said...

Cool stuff, Eleanor. I'm glad to see you and the Sisters are hanging in with the Rangers. You've got my fandom beat too. I've been a Jays fan for - how long - let me count on my fingers - yikes - need my toes too - my goodness!!!! - 21 years. How time does fly!