Sunday, January 17, 2010

Vladimir, Khalil, Clooney and Smoak

No, it’s not an advertising firm like Sterling, Cooper, Draper and Pryce (a reference for all you fellow “Mad Men” fans out there), it is a few of the names I’ve been contemplating this afternoon after receiving Jamey Newberg’s e-mail announced that the pigskin distractions are over with and baseball is now the rising sun on the horizon.

First of all, I promise, no more entries about the ownership situation until it has been decided. I was reminded by a good friend of the of the old saying – “be careful what you want, for your shall surely get it” (it’s never happened to me – but I do believe in it to be true). I’m not that concerned about who is the new owner may be, just as long as there is a new owner and Tom Hicks no longer has any impact on what the business side and more importantly the baseball side of the organization.

I like the Khalil Greene signing, as much as I like Omar, I’d feel much better about Greene playing long stretches of time on the infield (and let’s hope it doesn’t come to that-am I the only one who is just a little worried about a sophmore slump from Elvis?).

The Vladimir Guerrero signing – at first I thought it was going to be a difference maker – but now I’m not so sure. Did you know that the all the Ranger DHs hit 38 home runs in 2009? That was the best of all the American League teams. Here’s where the real difference is: the Yankees DHs hit 33 HR’s but drove in 106 – the Ranger DHs drove in 97. Which leads me to this early theory – aside from Vlad staying healthy – the guys hitting in front Vlad in the lineup need to get on base for this signing to be the “difference maker”?

Too bad the Rangers don’t have the top of the Mariner’s lineup (Ichiro and Figgins) leading off – actually given the choice I’d rather have the two pitchers leading off the Mariner’s staff (Lee and King Felix). Just my opinion – I think the AL West is going to be a wide open race – but right now I think the early favorite has to be the M’s because in the end – it’s all about pitching.

So what about George Clooney? Have you seen “Up In The Air”? Baseball Mom and I saw it last Saturday – wow – good, good movie -- with a terrific cast, excellent (if heart-wrenching) script, and great soundtrack. It’s nice to see a film not aimed at young men with a video game mentality – it’s a film for grown-ups.

Oh yeah, Justin Smoak – I was a bit relieved to find out that I was not the only person who was unimpressed with his fielding. I kept reading the glowing descriptions about how he could do it all. I went to enough Frisco games while he was there – and kept wondering what I was wasn’t seeing. Thank goodness a very knowledgeable friend agrees with me. As for the offense, well, it’s hard to say – let’s see what happens this year – but I have heard the name Todd Linden used in connection with Justin Smoak – a thought worth keeping in mind.

Back to Mad Men – I’m a fan, but how dense am I: I just figured out that Bert Cooper is played by 2 time Tony winner Robert Morse and that Layne Pryce is Jared Harris, son the lof the late, very great Richard Harris (who did the original and still best version of “McArthur Park”). Jared also played John Lennon in a little known but well liked (by me) movie called the “The Two Of Us” – an imagined reunion of Lennon-McCartney(played by Adian Quinn). If you can find it – rent it.

Finally – the boys down the street are done – time for the men on the diamond to take over – I can’t wait.

“These are my principals, if you don’t like them – well, I have others” – Groucho Marx (what were you expecting after a blog entry as bad as this one?) -- Marla Hooch


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Lisa said...

I knew Bert Cooper was Robert Morse (irony, I'm sure intended, since he was the star of "How to Succeed in Business") but didn't know that about Jared Harris' lineage or his playing Lennon ... BTW the only reason I am on Twitter is I am required to be for my current job.

Miss you! And you have an awesome new owner there in Texas. If he can get just half of the energy and passion and humor and creativity that he brought to his Minor League teams to the big leagues (I know there's more red tape), it will be SO good for the game (they're the guys behind my precious Tony Beasley nesting dolls).