Thursday, August 27, 2009

[Insert Your Own Clever Title For This Entry]...

...because I can't come up with one.

But that won't keep me from adding my thoughts to the ever-growing bandwagon:

Déjà vu All Over Again: Johnny Oates was (without a doubt) the best manager in Rangers franchise history. This is not a point that can be debated when you look at those 3 division flags flying above the Ballpark – something no other Ranger manager has accomplished. However, the one low point of Johnny’s managing career in Arlington that will be forever questioned is taking starting pitcher Darren Oliver out of Game 3 of the 1996 playoffs and bringing in Mike Henneman – who was, at best, a shaky closer (0-7 with a 5.79 ERA) Is anyone else beginning to get that Mike Henneman vibe every time Frank Francisco takes the mound?

Speaking of 1996: Seeing the Rangers win a series in New York is good for the baseball soul, now if they could only do the same against the likes of Minnesota and Oakland.

Separated At Birth: Leon Redbone and Rangers Pitching Coach Mike Maddux

Not The Only Game In Town: Much like their parent team, the Frisco Roughriders are in a tight playoff race – they are 2 games behind Midland for Texas League Southern Division lead. Frisco has 6 games left with Midland – 3 at home this weekend and the last 3 games of the regular season at Midland.

What’s in the CD Changer? That would be History – America’s Greatest Hits. And to everyone who is rolling their eyes at this statement - I say “Get over it”. They had a short streak of amazingly good songs.

I was stuck in traffic the other day listening to the CD and what struck me was how many of the songs evoked a particular memory:

Sister Golden Hair – the family vacation to Florida – we drove from Toledo to Miami – and it seemed like every top 40 station we found along the way played that song at least once an hour

Ventura Highway -- I cannot hear this song now without thinking of “We Are Marshall” - Annie driving in her VW bug on the bridge leaving West Virginia for California – a great scene (and that movie has a terrific soundtrack too)

A Horse With No Name – does anyone remember the “News Radio” episode where Dave was obsessed with this song?

Daisy Jane – sigh………….

Muskrat Love – possibly the worst pop song, ever, I hate it, I’m sorry I brought it up

Lonely People – makes up for the muskrat song – one of the most hopeful songs ever – better than any bottled anti-depressant.

Finally - the Hooch entourage is taking a little road trip this weekend to the Hill Country, there should be some baseball related activities to report next time.

Still waiting for the promised reappearance of Crapulous Mass and/or What We Know About... – Marla Hooch



Anonymous said...

I love that album as well.

For an interesting bit of trivia, see if you can find the name of the graphic artist that designed the cover art.

Lisa Winston said...

Did I ever tell you the story about running onstage in 1975 and kissing Gerry Beckley, the guitarist for America? I was 15. It was during the "Hearts" tour. Great underrated album. And damn he was hot.

Lisa Winston said...

Oh, and while we're at it ... love your choice of YouTube video. Todd/Utopia are doing ALL of "Wizard" at Strathmore on Sept. 10 and hubby offered to buy me tix for my birthday ... so tempting but they are SO expensive and I have no one to go with who would appreciate it and would rather spend the money on something I need more than want ... so will listen to the CD that night with my Bose headphones and a glass of good wine.