Friday, May 8, 2009

Marla's Ten Reasons Why It's Great To Be A Ranger Fan This Week

This is a no-whine blog today.

However, if you are in the mood for wine, may I recommend my favorite red wine - although I generally prefer white wine

No, today’ s entry was not inspired by David Letterman’s Top Ten List (last night’s list delivered by the real Mr. Spock – Leonard Nimoy - was pretty good).

I’ ve been accused of being a bit too cynical about the Rangers – I’d argue that it’s being realistic. However, two days in first place in the division have sparked the glass half full side of my personality – with that in mind – here is:

Marla’s Ten Reasons Why It’s Great To Be A Ranger’s Fan This Week

1. It’s all about the pitching: The Rangers team ERA isn’t the worst in the AL, it’s not even the second worst in the AL. There are five teams with worse ERA’s including the Angels and the Yankees.

2. Dee-fense – Dee-fense – Dee-fense: The Rangers are 6th in team fielding percentage in the AL, further more they are tied for 3rd for the fewest errors committed.

3. Who’s your MVP?: The reigning MVP vs Ian

Dustin Pedroia
.316 BA – .828 OPS – 1 HR – 11 RBI – 4 SB

Ian Kinsler
.325 BA – 1.013 OPS (9th in the AL) – 9 HR (tied for 3rd in AL) – 25 RBI (9th in AL) – 7 SB (tied for 4th in AL)

4. Leaving it all on the mound – Part 1: Kevin Millwood. Now this is the pitcher the Rangers thought they signed.

5. Leaving it all on the mound – Part 2: Frank Francisco - a lesson in patience with a young player that is paying off big time (please note Mr. Hicks).

6. Dream On: The recent 7-3 run has been without Josh Hamilton. Add a healthy and productive Hamilton back into the lineup and....okay let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet.

7. A winning team is a good reason to go to the Ballpark, so it this: Those $10.00 seats and $5.00 parking at Friday night home games - fireworks too!

8. You knew I was going to link this video clip: Elvis is in building (I promise that is the last time I type that on this blog)

9. The Competition: welcome to the Mild Mild AL West - no other team has a record better than .500 - but watch out for the Angels.

10. As Howard Jones sang: Things can only get better (couldn't go an entire week without another You Tube video)

I had to put this online before the game started on Friday (just in case the magic doesn’t last)

Making my list and checking it twice -- Marla Hooch

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