Thursday, March 12, 2009

You Wear It Well

"I had nothing to do on this on this [cold] afternoon
But to sit down and write you a line
I've been meaning to phone you...
Hell, it's been a very long time
You wear it well,
A little old-fashioned but that's all right"

-- Stewart/Quitteron

The title of this week's blog came from the last song I heard on the radio this afternoon. I needed a title and an opening quote-even if it only tangentially has anything to do with baseball - which some might say is theme of this blog lately.

You know this has to be one of the dullest Spring Training sessions ever when the biggest breaking story to land in your inbox is the elimination of ugly helmets.

A few, and I do mean very few, baseball thoughts have taken up space in my brain lately:

I need better explanation: how in the world did Josh Hamilton break a tooth signing an autograph?

Although Andruw Jones has been hitting a little better of late, I still wonder if he isn’t continuing the legacy of another ex-Brave who had a few very spectacular years and burned out quickly – Dale Murphy anyone?

Did you read our role model and hero, Lisa Winston’s, superb article on Jason Hart? If you didn’t stop right now, click on this link and read it.

When you finish reading Lisa's piece - then you must read Part 1 of Grant Schiller's interview with former Ranger Jeff Zimmerman. I can't wait to read the rest of it - and some literary agents need to get themselves up to Canada and sign Zimmerman to write a book!

Maybe it’s because I recently finished a book by an admitted conspiracy theorist (Richard Belzer) but does it strike anyone besides me as just a little fishy that Alex Rodriguez all of the sudden has to have surgery on his hip that’s been bothering him since the end of last season? Very convenient don't you think? He’s avoiding all the fans who aren’t likely to cheering for him. Does he think fans, especially Yankee fans, have short memories and they’ll be sympathetic to his injuries when he comes back in May or June?

By the way – did you know that former Rangers President Tom Schieffer is supposedly running for Governor? Last year, I’d have said I’d rather he come back as President of the Rangers – but I think Mr. Ryan is doing a fairly good job, so far.

It was nice reading about Curtis Granderson donating his endorsement money community causes in Detroit – too bad those kind of random acts of kindness are on the back page while the antics of ARod, Manny and others grab all the headlines. Speaking of giving back to the community: kudos to the Rangers Blake Beavan who donated equipment to his hometown (Irving) baseball team.

No complaints about the Rangers switch to weekday games on 105.3 FM. The signal is strong, KRLD AM actually fades in and out at times at Hooch World HQ – which is only about 4 miles from the Ballpark. The added bonus is that I can get FM stations on the radio at work, which means listening to Spring Training games while filling in exceedingly boring Excel spreadsheets. The Nadel – Barnett pairing needs a few more games to get their chemistry and timing worked out – but it’s a team with some good potential. I’ve caught Eric’s former partner Victor on the new MLB Network. It was a little troubling to see the first Spring Training game on the MLB-Network was a Red Sox game, I couldn’t help thinking – okay it’s going to be just like ESPN – all Yankees and Red Sox all the time - but fortunately, they have been showing quite a few other teams (the Rangers will be on this Saturday March 14th at the White Sox) which eased my mind . In fact, is there really any reason to watch ESPN baseball coverage anymore? ( and I’m including Baseball Tonight in that sweeping statement). One more "media" note: welcome back to Evan Grant (with our pal Mike Hindman) on the D Magazine sports blog (now on our list).

A few true non-sequitors: I’m bummed that ABC has cancelled “Life on Mars” - however I’m glad the writers will give the show a real ending (and I hope Sam decides to stay in 1973 with Annie)… “Saving Grace” is back on TNT – Holly Hunter is an amazing actress and the only one who can get away with wearing a Janis Joplin like boa (see this week’s episode)...I’ve got Joe Torre’s new book – saving it for the plane ride to Spring Training at the end of the month – I’ll probably pontificate on it at some point.

Finally: Let's just turn it up to 11

I can't think of a clever tag line for this week - so I'll just finish up where I started with a few more lines from Mr Stewart's "You Wear It Well"

"Anyway, my coffee's cold and I'm gettin' told
That I gotta go back to work
So when the sun goes low and you're home all alone
Think of me and try not to laugh
And I wear it well..."

-- Marla Hooch


Micah said...

Re: Granderson -- In my profession, I've learned that the people most deserving of the front page rarely want to be in the spotlight.

Re: Ugly helmets -- I actually liked them. :(

Re: Hamilton's chipped tooth -- apparently he was holding a beverage can in his mouth while signing and that's how it chipped.

Re: A-Rod's injury - I concur. The timing is just a little too perfect.

chrisc said...

Glad you are back on the blogwaves, Cousin. I too concur about the surgery/injury to that @#$! Yankee

Baseball Honeymoon said...

I was totally thinking about you when I wrote the Jason Hart story ... just wished it could have been about twice the length because he is so great ... I found the original cassette with the interview of him and Byrnes from back in ... 2000 maybe? Gonna use it at some point on Baseball Honeymoon, hopefully get him AND Byrnes on together ...

By the way, best song about END of friendship? "So Long Frank Lloyd Wright" ... :)